Christmas Eve ParTaY!

Dad, Mom, Bart and Kurt came to our home on Christmas Eve and we played some card games, ate sub sandwiches and had tons of fun!

We even talked my parents into playing our Xbox Kinect and I think they even had a good time.  We sure had a blast and we were so happy to have them at our home.  This Christmas was definitely one of the best ever!   We are so grateful for our parents and all that they do.

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Unfortunately, Fernanda’s parents went back to Brasil last Christmas so we were unable to spend this Christmas with them, but Fer did call and talk to them yesterday, I was so happy that they were able to talk.  We really miss them and love them so much.  It was nice to have them come this past May and spend time watching the 2010 Fifa World Cup together.  It was soo much fun we really miss them soo much!  I really hope we get to see them soon!

Mamãe e papai te amamos e sentimos muitas saudades! Esperamos que você tenha um Feliz Natal e um Feliz Ano Novo. Queremos ver vocês em breve!


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