Christmas Day ParTaY!!!

As wonderful as our Christmas eve party was our Christmas day was EVEN better, nothing like spending time with the family. Lance and I as always were pretty spoiled this year we got an awesome 5 gallon ice cream maker from his parents along with all the necessary ingredients and recipe to make his mom’s famous vanilla ice cream *YUM!* on top of all that they even gave us money, and of course a delicious Christmas lunch Jan’s cooking is pretty much the best, she NEVER fails on making the greatest meals. Lance’s parent’s were not the only ones who spoiled us this year my sister/Phil and the kids are also pretty good on getting us amazing gifts I got a coat, bracelet, earing/necklace set from my sister and the boys and Lance got a super nice shirt and hoodie from them. Christmas was great this year the only thing that was missing was my parents but I got to talk to them on Christmas eve AND Christmas day so that was really neat.

We are also very grateful for all the fun and yummy goodies we have rec’d from friends/family and neighbors

Christmas time is truly a time for giving, I love this time of the year!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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