Missing Mom and Dad…


Mornings like this when Lance is gone ice fishing is when I mostly miss my mom and dad, if i were to sleep in on a Saturday morning mom would come crawl in my bed with me and tell me to wake up, dad would be in the kitchen making his cup of coffee and one piece of toast, I would then wake up and dad would say “morning, wanna play” so we would start playing card games while my mom would just grab my lap top sit next to us while we played (mom has ALWAYS hated card games, poor woman she had to put up with a lot of card playing in her life, sometimes I think it would just be easier if she enjoyed it) we’d listen to brazillian music while playing until mom would get bored and ask if we could go shopping….

Most Saturday’s we would go shopping, mainly just here and there my parents always loved shopping, we would always make it to walmart and spend too much money on food, we’d get home dad would ask whats for lunch and we would start the rice and beans fest, mom would make dad bbq some meat (which was always his specialty) Lance and I till this day have not yet been able to master his bbq skills, even tho I have watched him and the only think he puts in the meat is rock salt, its a no brainer, still our meat never comes out the way dad’s did, maybe it had something to do with the way he would cut them into perfect little pieces so we could just snack on them, I dunno… I sure do miss those little yummy pieces of meat.

The rest of our Saturday nights were so chill, sometimes we’d sit out on our deck with a 2 liter coke and once again my dad’s famous little meat and a loaf of French bread we’d just sit there watch the train track the mountains and just talk and laugh together, I loved how Lance was always down to just hanging out with my parent’s I cant believe how well they got along I have NEVER seen anything like it, they also communicated so well even tho they don’t speak each other’s language, my mom would always tell me how handsome Lance is and how much she loves hugging him because he is so tall and built (nothing like my cute little dad)

Some evenings my parents were down for a movie (poor guys they tried so hard to stay awake during movies and to understand them, trust me I know its not fun watching a movie that you cant understand what they’re saying) we would always try to put on funny movies that didn’t require too much thinking, we’d watch Nacho Libre over and over my dad also enjoyed the hangover, and Dennis the Manice was always one of my dad’s favorite, my dad would always laugh at the dumbest parts (I think thats where I get it from)

Anyways moral of the story is….. I MISS YOU MOM AND DAD!!! hope I can see you again soon, I know Lance and I will make it to Brazil one day, Lance is going to LOVE IT, I cant wait for the day, I cant wait to see their house see all my cousins that I grew up with my aunt’s uncles my sister who I haven’t seen in 12 years there are so many people there who i love and miss so much. I also would like to take my in-laws to Brazil one day, they have made my parents feel so welcome around them and feel like a part of the Turner family that my mom keeps telling me its her turn to make the Turner’s feel as welcome as they did here and hope they can feel as if they were a part of the Bonacini family…..


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