Valentines Day for Nanda ~

So Lance got me new Betty Boop seat covers steering wheel cover and CD holders for my car, he made me close my eyes walked me to our garage where he had the car light on so I could see my new car seat covers, also inside my car was a gift in which I found some Curve and Sexy Samba perfume, in which I absolutely loved….

we did our valentines on Saturday night February 12…. Then on Monday to my surprise my wonderful husband shows up at my work with flowers, he hand delivered them, totally caught me off guard it was SO cute I so did expect that…. Than as I get ready to leave work I find a card on the window of my car… I’m SO lucky to have such a wonderful, caring husband…

And thats not all… Lance showed up with roses on Friday night 🙂 I have NO idea how I got SOO lucky!!!!

Lance and I also decided to make a new tradition in which we would make each other cards for holidays (considering card’s are so expensive these days, even tho in reality Lance broke the rules and ended up giving me 3 cards, the one he made for me, the one he left on my car, and the one that came with my flowers!)

Thank you so much for a wonderful valentines day baby. I love you!!!

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