Mom’s BDay Party!

So we went to my mom’s birthday party last weekend.  I headed over there right after work and Nanda met me there.  We played some games and had a great time with my parents that evening.

We stayed overnight and slept at my parents’.  It seemed like just yesterday that was my room.  The following Saturday was pretty eventful.  My dad helped me repair the air hose on my compressor in my truck.  Then, Kurt and I went and helped my dad move a neighbor to her new residence.

I ended up sneaking away from the move a little early to get a chance to see Aspen playing some ‘futbol’.  It was a great time to see her have so much fun and spend some time with Trent, Lindsey and Raider as we watched Aspen kick the ball around with her teammates.

After the game, my parents treated us to some delicious tacos and enchiladas for lunch and then Fer and I went to the cemetery with my mom to pick up some flowers from the memorial day holiday.  It was a great day, but the best part was yet to come.  That evening we had a bbq and ate dinner outside with the family, Grant, Penny and Tyrel.  It was a great time.

After a big dinner we visited, jumped on the trampoline and Trent even showed us some awesome pole moves.  Take a look and see us having a great time trying to duplicate Trent’s talented tricks.   It was a great weekend and I hope my mother had an enjoyable party.  We really appreciate all that my parents do and the time that they take out of their schedules to spend time with us and visit us at our home, sooo far away!  😉


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We Love You Mom and hope you had a wonderful birthday this year!   We had a wonderful time and are so grateful to have you in our lives.  You are the best!!!


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