Kitchen Complete!

It has been a long and tiresome process, but the kitchen is finally complete.  We painted it and are loving it so far.  Not much to say except take a look through the pictures and enjoy.  We made a few mistakes, but have done our best to make it look good.  I am happy to have completed it.  It was very time consuming taping around every corner, cupboard and door, but it was well worth it.  I think it adds a lot to the room.  We welcome your comments, but remember we are not professionals, just trying to update the kitchen, mostly Fernanda, she’s not content with just white… it has to be something more exciting and better looking.  So I guess that’s where I come in…completing her dreams  😉

I hope you love it babe!  I think it’s look great, even tho I did mess up a few times.

You will see some pictures of it before, many during and some after the project!  Enjoy and bring on the criticisms, I’ll take them all on.  BRING IT!


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One thought on “Kitchen Complete!

  1. I don’t know what anyone could criticize about your paint job. It looks great! A lot of work went into it and it shows. Love the color. My husband would just tell me “I should have picked out another color, if you don’t like it” – and that would end my kitchen getting a new paint job. Fern – not all hubbies know how or are willing to do such a great job. (Mine would if I really wanted him to, but he’s glad I don’t =) )

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