Much needed update

Wow what has happened since June. I can’t even think that far back seems like FOREVER ago. Well after our kitchen painting project we haven’t even started on the rest of the house, it’s just so much work, but we are hoping to one day have the whole house painted.

In August we went to St. George with our awesome friend Stephanie and Austin Adams, we had SO much fun. We went and saw the little Mermaid at the Tuacahn, we shopped the outlets, went swimming, and just had so much fun relaxing, that was definitely the highlight of our summer.

Lance and I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year now, and the Dr. finally decide to put me on clomid (which I took for 4 months) to help me ovulate. It was a very stressful 4 months full of crazy side effects and many negative pregnancy tests; it was definitely taking a toll on me. Once August came around I decided it was time to take a break and move on with our lives, I called the nurse to let her know I was taking a break from Clomid and she said before I did that I had to come in to the doctors and take a ovulating test, I said fine, even though I was just ready to be done with it. Meanwhile Lance and I had decided that we’d be going to Brazil in April 2012…. I’ve been here for 13 years and have NEVER been able to set a date to go to Brazil, I was absolutely stoked about going (even though it was more than 6 months away) I called my parents told them our plans and we couldn’t be happier, I had something incredible to look forward to. The next day I decided to sign up for weight watchers (was so excited to lose a couple pounds) the very next day the nurse calls me and say I ovulated and according to my Dr. he was pretty sure I was pregnant at that time. I kinda freaked out, I was ready to give up on the baby thing, at that point I wasn’t even sure I was ready for it all, I still had to wait over a week before I could take a test, (of course I was too impatient to wait) I took a test a few days later got a VERY dim pink light, didn’t think anything of it, Took a few more tests a couple days later, same thing, then finally on 9/11/11 I decided I was gonna take yet another test, and I made Lance take one with me (I wanted to make sure I knew what a negative test looked like… Even though I had taken so many of them previously) finally after comparing mine and Lance’s test there was no denying… I was DEFINITELY pregnant!!! We couldn’t be happier at that point. Even though it meant postponing our Brazil trip, and having to quit weight watchers after only 2 weeks.

We have now been able to listen to our babies heart beat, and hopefully by the end of November we can find out what we’re having, our due date is 5/14/12

We couldn’t be happier to think that in 6 months we’ll have a precious little angel in our arms. We are SO excited and SO blessed, it has finally worked.

Thank you so much everyone for all your love and support we have the greatest friends and families. We love you guys

here are a few pictures:


4 thoughts on “Much needed update

  1. I’ve seen it happen that way a lot with friends, its like they finally just decided to move on and plan a trip or plan a trip and then BAM, pregonante.
    However, I’d never give the advice “You just have you relax!” you can’t make your body relax about that. Its heartwrenching! It happens in time. Congrats to you both!

  2. I was wondering if there was going to be anything after the kitchen completed. I’m so happy for you guys. It makes my heart happy because I’ve been there and know how it hurts to have so many negative results…very emotional roller coaster. Love you guys and cant wait for the new addition to your family!!!

  3. First of all, you are due on my birthday! That would be fantastic…I mean awesome people are born on May 14th. 🙂 I am so happy for you Fernie. You will be a fantastic mother. Just keep taking care of your body and stay active! Love and miss ya!

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