Sebastian’s Neonatal Follow up!

Once every 6 months Sebastian has a neonatal follow up, which consists of a very long day.  During this follow up he sees about 5 different doctors.  Today he was scheduled to go in at 8:45 at the Provo Clinic, so I was thinking it was going to be easy breezy.  I was also, incorrectly, thinking he was probably the first appointment and  a bonus we didn’t have to drive clear to SLC.  We get to the clinic (Health and Justice building) and its packed, basically chaos and lots of children everywhere.

His first visit was with the nutritionist, she gave us some really good ideas to try with Sebastian,  (since he’s NOT the best solid food eater, although lately he has been doing a ton better, so hopefully in no time he will be eating like a champ, and we wont have to spend so much money on formula) she also said that the eating skills come with motor skills which he is also behind on, so it makes sense why his solid food eating isn’t going so great.

He then saw the Neonatal doctor who just asked a bunch of question and also answered quite a few of my questions.

We then got him measured and weighed; 18 pounds 3 oz, 29 inches long, and 46 cm head.  Which puts him at the 30th percentile in weight, 70th percentile in height and 50th percentile in head (overall we have a tall skinny baby with a big-ish head, and that is for his adjusted age of a 9 month old)

The best appointment by far was with the psychologist who tested his cognitive skills (which is brain & problem solving skills) the doc was super happy with the results.  He said Sebastian is at 9 month old on his problem solving skills, which is ABSOLUTELY fantastic considering the docs at the NICU were VERY concerned about his brain and mentally how he was going to develop (as most of you know, he has a few abnormalities in his brain, so the brain is always concerning to us all).  I cannot be any happier with this news, he also said that his motor skills are probably at a 5-6 month level, which sucks but the fact that he is doing SO well mentally was the best news I could have received.  The motor skills results didn’t really surprise me.  It’s obvious he is slow and off with his balance and we think may have a lot to do with his scoliosis (we’ll see what happens in April when we see the spine doc).

He said Sebastian looks worse then he is!  What was meant by that is when people look at his motor skills and think he is VERY behind, which he is.  However his cognitive and problem solving skills are looking very good and eventually he should develop those motor skills (which once again explains the eating thing).  He also said that Sebastian will likely be the kid that throws tantrums because of the fact that he is so much more advanced mentally than physically.  So his brain will tell him that he can do something but physically he won’t be able to do it; this will cause him to get very frustrated and throw a tantrum which makes perfect sense and I can already tell he is starting to do that.

We also saw the hearing doc, which surprisingly he did not pass his hearing test (which doesn’t mean he can’t hear, it just means certain pitches aren’t as clear as they should be) so we are gonna go see a specialist up in primary.  They will probably have to put him under and do a more accurate hearing test to look further into the brain waves and what’s going on there, right now we are not too concerned about it.

5 1/2 hrs later we were done… it was definitely a long day, by the end of it all Sebastian was extremely tired and ended up taking a 3 1/2 hr nap…

Just thought I’d update everyone on his progress, I’m one proud mamma, so happy with everything he has been able to accomplish.  I know he is developing at his own time, but this follow up made me even more optimistic about his future. It also gave us a chance to talk to other parents who have kids who are going through similar things and lets us know we are not alone.

Our little boy will be 1 in less than a month, I cannot believe how fast his first year of life has gone.  He is definitely our little miracle, SUCH a happy boy, and at the end of the day, that’s ALL that matters!

Here are some fun pictures!!!


I can’t believe how big he looks in these pictures! Image










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