Another birthday Post

Sebastian woke up at 7:30 this morning, he had apples and beans for breakfast (YUM!) we got on skype and talked to grandma in Brazil, who sang happy birthday to him and then he went down for a quick 30 ish min nap.

We left around 11 to check out his cousin Parley from School and pick up aunt Simone to go to the living planet aquarium, and even though he was extremely tired I think he quite enjoyed looking at the fishes…

Image Image Dont mind the sun glasses, i forgot my real ones in the car and my sunglasses are perscripted so i figured if i wanted to see the fishes i would have to keep them on


We then had lunch at a little Brazilian place. we were home by 4 and he had a doc apt at 4:30 he got 6 shots and it was SO sad, its not often we see him cry like that… We came home had dinner and he was in bed by seven…. I had to wake him up around 8:30 and make sure he was awake until 9:07 for his official BIRTH date!!!!

Image Sebastian studying the menu making sure he orders the perfect birthday lunch!

Image Silly baby!

Image He really wanted to wear his cousins glasses!!! SOOO FUNNY

Image he was SOOOOO tired!!!!!!

Image and…he’s out!!!

Image New Pjs!

I think he had a fun day!


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