Birthday Party # 1

we decided to have two birthday parties for Sebi, we figured one party would make things WAY too crowded. 

We just invited some friends over for cup cakes and ice cream, even though Sebastian had taken 2 super good naps he was still extremely tired by the time everyone got to our house. therefore we got right to present opening and cake smashing, which surprisingly enough he did play around with his cake, and it was really fun to watch him!!!

Thanks everyone who came to his party, thanks for all the presents and for all of your friendship… we truly have great friends and family! 

here are some pictures. Thanks to Amanda and my sister who took them, if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t have ANY pictures!!! I will try to do better this weekend at birthday party # 2

ImageImageImageImageImageIt was SO fun having his little friends over for his birthday!!! Image

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageSebi’s good friend Abe and Afton were also there, and his brand new friend Eliza! Image


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