If you are not in the mood to listen to sob stories and a little whining you should probably not read it… For those of you who do read it, good luck, I’m sure I’ll make no since…

I’ll start with a Sebi update of 2013. 

I had been extremely excited about 2013, and I thought it would be a much easier and worry free year, with Sebastian’s birthday around the corner, all of his surgeries taken care of, and him finally drinking thin liquids, there wasn’t much else to go wrong. 

with everything Sebi has gone through I think its extremely unfair that he is always sick… 

we had a few good weeks in January, and I was staring to think that 2013 really was going to be a great year.

Mid January he got really sick, his pediatrician at the time didn’t think it was anything and gave him antibiotics, he didn’t get better and we ended up taking him to the ER (why is it that kids are always at their worse in the middle of the night, when the docs office is closed) they tested him for RSV it was negative, he still didn’t get better and was going on 3 weeks of being sick (he would have a few good days here and there) finally we were referred to a different doctor, which finally had found out that he had Pneumonia (we were lucky he didn’t have to go to the hospital and within a few days he had started feeling better) I went from feeling extreme relieve, thinking I had found a good doctor, to thinking that particular doctor was completely out of his mind, he ended up ordering tons of unnecessary blood work for Sebastian and then over a month later had his nurse call me to tell me they wanted to do more blood work and test Sebastian for Leukemia  because his white blood cells had come back high, she said this to me like it was no big deal, and also said that if i felt like he didn’t need more blood work done (because I had previously expressed my frustration about all the blood they wanted out of him) that I could wait and do it another time when he’s older… Umm excuse me, but first of all, if my doctor thinks my child has cancer he better be calling me directly  and second if my doctor is truly concerned, he better tell me to get my child into a lab right away and not tell me that if I don’t want to run more blood work its ok…. (that’s basically a long story short) we then dropped that doctor and went out in the search for a new one. I was no longer optimistic about an easy year. 

Thankfully during Sebi’s birthday he was feeling ok and we were able to have 2 birthday parties for  him and he got majorly spoiled. meanwhile we found a new doc. he was feeling great for about a month.

April rolls around and we end up in the hospital for 3 days, Sebi had viral and bacterial pneumonia (AGAIN) AND RSV. Meanwhile I start to feel extreme pain in my tummy and I end up in the emergency room, turns out my intestines were inflamed (could have been worse) then Lance had major tooth aches and had to get a root canal. Also at the time our AC/Heater went out  and we had to replace that. Lets just say April was NOT a good month for us… 

Sebi started acting SOOO much better after coming home from the hospital, and for a month he was totally fine, we tried switching him to whole milk turned out he wasn’t ready for that, he just isn’t eating enough solids to get the nutrition he needs, and he was drinking too much whole milk which of course made him constipated. 

Now we are into May and of course he is sick again. Almost exactly a month after coming home from the hospital, I’m kinda sad about this sick pattern that I’m seeing in him. 

Sebi’s Scoliosis has gotten worse from last time he was seen in October, he will eventually need back/neck surgery which will be extremely major, very hard on ALL of us, and will be a very long recovery. He’ll most likely need multiple surgeries and I’m just hoping and praying he will be able to stay stable enough to not need the surgery until he has grown a ton more. 

So to say the least this year has not been as worry/stress free as I would of hoped. we are also trying to deal with changing insurance next month.  

On a lighter note:

Happy 14 month birthday to my little guy… its been quite an adventure… and aside from all the crappy things that has happened, there has been SOOO many good times, even though he is behind on his motor skills, his cognitive skills are VERY much where it should be. this kid knows EXACTLY what he wants, doesn’t want, likes, and dislike. he has developed quite the personality and attitude… 

none of the crappy times compare to how extremely happy he makes me. I’m so lucky to have such a special baby boy, I cant believe he has chosen Lance and I to be his parents….

Sorry about all the complaining there are days that you just need to vent… Now I feel like bragging about all the great things about sebi… I’ll save that for another day  


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