What I want more than anything in the world….

Something happened this weekend, that sort of caught me by surprise. Friday after work I was excited to go do a little shopping with my sister and sebi, as we left Old Navy and I put sebi in his car seat and realized I didn’t have my phone on me, I ran back to the store straight to the cashier to see if I left it there, he said he hadn’t seen it, I then ran to the shirts and my phone was not there, (I was at that store for about 20 min, all I did was grab some shirts paid for them and left, I knew I had my phone as I walked into the store.) After having the store call my phone and not hearing it ring I realized I was out of luck, I had officially lost my phone. Of course the first thing that came to my mind was the 4,000 pictures that I had just lost. But most important was the fear of telling my husband that I had lost my phone. 

As I called Lance from my sister’s phone and told him the story pretty much all he said was ok, drive home careful I’ll see you when you get here. That caught me by surprise and I couldn’t believe that he wasn’t upset. I got home and Lance was outside, he said hi and treated me as if nothing had happened, he let me borrow  his phone and he went on to mowing the lawn. 

Within a couple hrs Lance was on KSL looking for a new phone for me, I was still a little confused… (we have some super old phones at home, I figured he would just have me use one of those) I’ve been wanting a Galaxy S3 (not only did I think I would never get it, let alone get one after losing my phone) sure enough Lance found me the exact phone I wanted and it was only $250 we went and got the phone. long story short, the very next day the phone froze and wouldn’t start back up. Once again Lance didn’t make a big deal out of it, he called the T-Mobile store and found out prices of some different phone. He dropped me off at home and said he’d be right back. He ended up waiting in a super long line at the store in Provo to find out they didn’t have a galaxy S3, so he went to Orem, got me a brand new phone that I wanted and brought it home. 

I’m not going to lie, I was still shocked and amazed on how he could have possibly stayed so calm during all this phone situation, Lance and I try to be VERY careful with money, after all we NEVER know what sort of bills will come next with little Sebi, we need to be prepared for every kind of emergency and we better have the money to pay for whatever may come our way. with that being said we would never go off and buy a $500 dollar phone, let alone after losing one and buying one for $250 that ended up NOT working… 

I simply told Lance thank you, not only for the phone but for also keeping his cool (obviously deep inside he wasn’t happy, and I felt very guilty for having spent that much money on myself and for being irresponsible for losing my phone) the next thing he said to me was simple but I haven’t been able to take it out of my mind since, he said “As long as Sebastian stays healthy I don’t care what happens, its just money.”  At that very moment I realized just how much love Lance has for his son. I also realized that what he wants more than anything in the world is exactly what I want. Sounds so simple, a healthy happy baby. 


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