*Recap of 2012*

To say the least 2012 was a difficult year, also a VERY rewarding year. Here is a little (well a lot) of what happened Late December 2012 we found out that our precious baby boy was retaining fluid in his brain and after that I had multiple doctor’s apt We had learned that our baby […]

Our Baby Boy!

On December 6th we found out we are having a boy, we couldn’t be more excited about this news. we found out at 17 weeks, so at that point we haven’t yet found out if our due date is changing, or if he is measuring right on track, However the ultra sound tech did say […]

Much needed update

Wow what has happened since June. I can’t even think that far back seems like FOREVER ago. Well after our kitchen painting project we haven’t even started on the rest of the house, it’s just so much work, but we are hoping to one day have the whole house painted. In August we went to […]

Kitchen Complete!

It has been a long and tiresome process, but the kitchen is finally complete.  We painted it and are loving it so far.  Not much to say except take a look through the pictures and enjoy.  We made a few mistakes, but have done our best to make it look good.  I am happy to […]

Mom’s BDay Party!

So we went to my mom’s birthday party last weekend.  I headed over there right after work and Nanda met me there.  We played some games and had a great time with my parents that evening. We stayed overnight and slept at my parents’.  It seemed like just yesterday that was my room.  The following […]